Surrogacy Flat Fees

It is my practice to charge a flat rate for surrogacy contract preparation and negotiation.  I represent the intended parents, the surrogates, and any egg donors.  

Representing carrier. 


Meeting in person or over Skype/phone.  Negotiating terms on contract prepared by parents counsel.   $1,275 plus out of pocket costs.


Representing Intended parents.


Drafting agreement and representing parents on negotiating agreement terms.  $1,950 plus out of pocket costs. 


In Illinois, there needs to be forms filled out and filed with the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Those forms are filed about midway through.  They include verification from the doctor regarding the embryo placement.

Along with other items.  These documents will establish the ability for the parents to have the birth certificate issued with them as parents, and will allow them to leave the hospital with the child.  $400.00.


Embryo Donation Contract - Drafting the contract, discussing the general terms with the agency.  $875. 

Estate Planning Documents related to Surrogacy.

Parents and carriers may need estate planning services. Those would be in addition.  For Illinois Residents only.


Wills, powers of attorney for healthcare and property for married couple.  $900.


Joint trust agreement, pour over wills for both parents, powers of attorney for healthcare and property, and one deed transferring Illinois real estate into trust.  $1,900 plus out of pocket costs.  This may increase if the parents have multiple pieces of real estate, more than one business or if they have assets in excess of $2.5 million dollars, as there may be additional tax planning, corporate planning or deeds prepared.  This will be discussed with the client before any work is completed. 


Out of pocket costs are likely only going to be federal express.  With estate planning there may be fees for recording documents with counties or preparation of out of state deeds and excessive postage.




On the off chance there is litigation, I will represent the parties at my going rate.  My going rate is currently $325.00 per hour.  I have other litigation associates who bill between $175 and $375.  But I will primarily be responsible of any litigation.  

All of our contracts will contain a choice of law and venue provisions which have Illinois Law Control and which require suits to be brought in Illinois.  We can also include an arbitration provision.  Overall, arbitrations are less expensive than litigation in the court system.


I will also add a $25 file opening fee to each file.  It pays for basic copies, basic postage and storage of the file.